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Mucoid Plaque

Mucoid Plaque – The Lining of an Unhealthy Gut? – A Contraversial Topic

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What is it and does it even exist?

By Peter Hinde

According to certain naturopaths including Bernard Jensen, Richard Anderson and Robert Gray, our intestines are commonly coated with a green to black hardened mucus which is the result of long term dietary errors and emotional resistances. When present, they say, it always has a negative influence on overall health. Conventional medicine commonly states that it does not existent, along with even some nutritionists, naturopaths and alternative health practitioners.

Orthodox medicine says that if they do colonoscopy they commonly see nothing unusual. On the other hand Richard Anderson states in one of his books that a pathologist stood up in a talk he was giving and told the audience how it was standard practice prior to autopsy for them to pump chemicals into the mouth, followed by a high pressure hose, and copious amounts of mucoid plaque would be forced out.

I have heard of natural health practitioners saying that the black strings of hardened material commonly seen on a powerful cleansing programme, are nothing but hardened clay and fibre (substances commonly taken as part of a regime with herbs to help bring out plaque). Contrary to this I have seen herbal detoxification programmes WITHOUT clay bring out the exact same looking material, as well as for many people taking sufficient quantities of organic colloidal mineral and enzyme supplements, and even intense bodywork such as body electronics.

I would suggest that these practitioners are using a poor cleansing programme with sub-quality herbs, insufficient quantity of herbs or just the wrong herbs. Another question would be that on such a herbal cleanse why is the plaque sporadic? If it is just clay and fibre would you not expect it to come out all the time, as the clay and fibre go in all the time? Why, for instance would someone get overwhelmed with fear or anger, pass a lot of plaque and then feel the emotion is gone? Why would the plaque only generally be on the outside of what is passed (like a tube) if it were clay and fibre? Why occassionally does someone pass something so dry and hardened it cannot by common sense have been in there for only a few hours? Could it be that the plaque is sometimes a substance newly secreted by the intestinal wall as herbs and other substances help the elimination of wastes from the body? Indeed should you care what it is if you feel improvement (look at my testimonies page – almost all these people did such an intestinal cleanse)?

Better out than in

If you dare observe the pictures here more closely (click on them for larger versions) you will see in the first one that the plaque is a coat over normal faeces. It is common for plaque to be black like this. The 4th picture, though passed on the same type of cleanse, is perhaps something different, the person saying it looked like pieces of liver. Could it be pieces of some sort of tumour as the person assumed? We cannot say as it was not sent to a lab for analysis. Regardless of what plaque actually is, there seems to be great relief to the people I have seen in getting rid of it. I have seen many people improve different physical and emotional complaints by undertaking a stringent regime capable of removing this material, that far surpasses plain raw food vegan eating with added vegetable juices.

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